5 Part-time Jobs You Can Do As A Student and Make Fortunes

As always, community developments is one of the core reasons that brought BTCheals.com to existence and one of the most important agents of...

As always, community developments is one of the core reasons that brought BTCheals.com to existence and one of the most important agents of any community are students.
If you have a strong desire for a greater community, regardless of age; provide and cater for the students in that community. And it is a good thing to have virtually every students in a community empowered.

Meanwhile, empowerment comes in several forms and so is development. Opening ones eyes to what he or she should know is called "educating" and that is the highest level of empowerment.

BTCheals.com once again, brings together a list of stress-free part-time jobs most students can undertake and still make good fortunes in the campus or in their various residence. Of course, you may have known most of these jobs, but you may lack the courage, materials or good reasons to undertake any of the jobs.

5 Part-time Jobs You Can Undertake As A Student

#1 Blogging: as far as I can tell, this is my favourite part-time business I can most likely recommend for any student. Blog is a kind of simple website maintained by an individual or a group of people wherein articles on personal opinions on different matters are being published -just like a personal journal online.

The act of managing and maintaining a blog is known as blogging.

Blogging is my favourite because it requires the least attention and efforts. You only need the right materials and a good mentor so that you may be able to blog by experience and intelligence rather than by hard work and excessive efforts.

How Do I Make Money from Blogging?

My dear, you can make so much money from blogging than any federal government workers relying on his salary in Nigeria, if you know the way. This is not an exaggeration, if you want a proof, I can show you in person. In fact, this is what gave birth to TheMoke, to sharing ideas with Nigerians how to make legitimate fortunes while still being your own boss.

Below are few from numerous ways you can make money blogging;

  • - You can promote products on your blog and earn money or profits in return. These products may be yours or somebody else. -this is called Affiliate Business.
  • - Google AdSense is another and one of the commonest means bloggers use to make money today and that's where my major monthly income comes from, too as of now.
  • - Guest posting/publication can also earn you handsome income if you have a popular blog and you are willing to allow guest posting.
  • - Cross-promotion is another method to make money off your blog.
  • - If you practice and master blog enough, you can make money administering blogs for others, too.

Reasons for Choosing Blogging:

1- Low or no start up capital

2- Blogging requires the least time and concentration.

- Blogging has highest earning potential.

3- It promotes love and interest in you.

4- It's also fun to doing!

#2 Phone Software Repairs: anyone who knows me in person would not wonder why I include phone software repairs in the list of five (5) part-time jobs student can do and make good fortunes off it. Why? Because I practice mobile phone software repairs and in fact, soon by God's grace; workshops would be set up in some cities across Nigeria basically for phone software repairs by ArykTECH.

The preparations are on-going and ArykTECH students are already practising in some of the states.

Also, at the least, I can name about 7 students in some universities in Nigeria. We have never met but they are my students as well. They practice phone software repairs in their various institutions and ask for my assistance whenever they're stuck. And they are making a living off this job! You can do the same and make your own fortune off it.

I Don't Know Phone Software Repairs, How Can I Do It?

Well, you are not actually doing the work. It's your computer. You only need to know what's wrong with the phone, how it happened, diagnose the cause and understand the solutions.

    For Instance;

    If an android device fails to bring service and you diagnose it to be the cause of the radio or NVRAM (depending on the chipset) then, you need to flash a new radio or NVRAM on the phone using your computer.

There is a particular package that contains the major flashing programs for most phone platforms (Nokia, Normandi, Windows Phones, Android and Blackberry) and users guides that will put you through how to solving most phone's software problems.

In short, the package teaches you phone software repairs and it also includes some video tutorials. You can read details about it here.

Reasons For Choosing Phone Software Repairs:

  • - It requires low start up capital though, you need your laptop.
  • - Only done at your leisure time.
  • - You decide how much you earn.
  • - Instant Payments.
  • - It is a hot job especially; among students in the campus.
  • - It has very little risk or no risk at all.

Basic Tips for Practicing Phone Software Repairs:

  • - Don't attempt a repair if your are NOT certain of the solution.
  • - Consult others in the field for questions or likely solutions if you are not sure. You can always rely on ArykTECH for consultancy.
  • - Do ALWAYS warn your clients, the possible materials they may lose following your repairs especially; if the solution involves flashing.
  • - DO NOT demand for so cheap amount for any repairs. The least operation is N500 in software repairs, even for flashing the smallest Nokia phone.

#3 Photography: yes. Photography! More than average of every Nigeria students can handle cameras, take nice snapshots and the sophisticated aspect of photography is PRINTING.

You can easily see specialist with the right machines around you. Take the negative copy of your snapshots to them and have them washed or printed for you. In fact, you can even print out the pictures by transferring them to your laptop(s) (which of course most students have today) and print them out using an ordinary HP InkJet.

The video tutorial below can put you through on how to do that and also, you can find great phone tips at Photocentric.

Reasons for Choosing Photography:

  • - Low start up capital.
  • - Profit is usually twice the investment besides the initial investment.
  • - Not tedious in nature. It's a clean light job.
  • - Only little time and concentration are required.
  • - Only done occasionally.
  • - It's FUN!

#4 Sales of Products: in every campus or environment, there is always one thing or another that would be common among the population at a particular time. These/this thing(s) are/is usually introduced or influenced by someone or a group of people.

In business, a product is any material thing exchangeable for money.

You can think of a product that readily sells at that particular time, start with it and you will make good fortune off it.


In business, the first to come are always the first to serve.

I can remember how much I made when Etisalat Magic SIM was still new. Daily, I made not less than N4,000 on an investment of just N500. Imagine that. Just by teaching people how to do it either one-on-one in real time or over Whatsapp and BBM.

Basic Tips for Doing Sales of Products:

  • - Consider the standard of leaving of the people around you. If on average they can afford N1,000 only, don't take a product of N2,000 to them.
  • - Do always make sure that there is ready market for the product you are bringing or the product you wish to introduce.
  • - Specialize only on genuine and original products.
  • - Don't sell on credit. If at all it is necessary, make sure that you have received your total cost on that product so that you will only forfeit only your profit for the time being.
  • - Don't invest an amount you cannot afford to tie down in the business.

Reasons for Choosing Sales of Products:

  • - Low start up capital.
  • - You decide how much profit you want.
  • - There is never flat lose in the business.
  • - A channel for more and better connections.
  • - An opportunity to acquire more skills especially, knowledge of human relations; a skill useful for future endeavours.

#5 Freelance Writter: there are some of us who are actually gifted at writing and crafting stories. If you are one those that are gifted, don't sit down wasting away your talent. I was actually a freelance writer writing for Hubpages before I eventually developed a passion for blogging.

You can give hubpages a try or some other website alike. Though, freelance writing may be frustrating because your earnings are most likely determined by someone else unlike other part-time jobs discussed above, if you see it fitting, you may venture into it as well.


Your studies is your number 1 PRIORITY, do not be so consumed by money that you neglect your studies. You just have to take these jobs as part-time jobs which they really should be to you until your primary assignment in the school is fulfilled and accomplished.

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Bloggers Guides by ArykTECH: 5 Part-time Jobs You Can Do As A Student and Make Fortunes
5 Part-time Jobs You Can Do As A Student and Make Fortunes
Bloggers Guides by ArykTECH
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